Master's Capstone Presentation: Illustrated Illness Narratives

Artist Statement:

I am passionate about exploring the impact of visual art in healthcare and medical education. I believe that the inclusion of art in the healing environment promotes the healing process and enhances the quality of patients’ lives. The arts have the ability to reach and communicate with people in ways words and scientific practice cannot. Through visual art, stories can be demonstrated, and the power of each story lies in their nuance and their ability to be interpreted expansively. Having this available in the healthcare environment helps develop mindfulness and attentiveness toward patients and others. Additionally, delving into a piece of art's various interpretations and meanings can introduce new ways of knowing an individual. 


For this project, I explored the often unarticulated patient experiences by creating portrait drawings, and abstract paintings, and utilizing text. The triptychs demonstrate the multidimensionality of the illness presented by the individuals interviewed. As I listened and responded to their stories, I reflected on and recognized my role as a witness, and what it means to be a bearer of their words. 


Virtual Exhibition