About Chelsea


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Chelsea is a multidisciplinary artist from Long Island. She enjoys drawing realistically while adding a splash of surrealism into the mix. Within most of her works she incorporates her signature ribbon like structure -- dynamic wispy shapes created naturally, loosely and freely.

Her passion for art began as a young girl, and was further cultivated in school by her teachers and peers. Support from her family and friends prompted her to share her art to a broader audience. 

Chelsea graduated from New York University as a pre-medical student with a degree in Psychology and a minor of Studio Art, demonstrating her willingness to pursue academics and art. She also completed a master’s degree in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. As a visual artist and a narrative medicine graduate, she is passionate about exploring the impact of visual art in healthcare. Chelsea believes that art can promote the healing process and enhance the quality of patients' lives by demonstrating stories, fostering mindfulness, and encouraging empathy.