New Piece!

New Piece!

It's been a while, but I added a new piece titled "Vigilance" to my portfolio! 

For a class I took called "Illness Thought Activism," I was tasked to create a public health poster. Take a look at my artist statement below. 


Public Health Poster Artist Statement

In light of COVID-19 and how it stands currently, I’ve noticed a widespread sense of relaxation among the population. In comparison to the conditions from the year prior, this relaxation seems rightfully determined. With the accessibility of vaccines in the United States, there has been a gradual increase in the number of vaccinated individuals. Despite the CDC stating, “Vaccinated people can still become infected and have the potential to spread the virus to others, although at much lower rates than unvaccinated people,” I still feel as if there is an overwhelming notion of “invincibility.”

To combat this sense of invisibility, I created a poster stating, “There is no return to normalcy, Renew your Mind, Be Vigilant.” Initially, I was only going to keep the phrase, “there is no return to normalcy,” but decided to add the latter half with hopes of emphasizing the matter at hand. A classmate of mine shared these words, “Normal has died, it cannot be resurrected.” Returning back to the normal we once knew would only bring us to what started the pandemic. With this mind, I aim to call individuals to embrace a new normal. By renewing one’s mind, or having a different perspective towards something, or in this case, towards normalcy or illness, one will become more cognizant of their actions. An increased awareness of how we carry ourselves and interact with others leads us to be more purposeful with our lives. Regardless of one’s vaccination status, I want to share that the coronavirus is still transmissible and push for the awareness of this.

The medium is colored pencil and white charcoal on black fine tooth paper. The piece was scanned to the computer where the text was added using Photoshop. I decided to depict a face with abstract shapes flowing through it. The face was drawn to convey emotions relating to vigilance and resilience. My choice to draw this realistically emphasizes the reality of the severity and strain that can be caused by illnesses, including the coronavirus. The abstract shapes around the side of the face are to represent the energy or thoughts that surrounds the mind when entering into this new way of thinking. The transformation of thought is personified into these tangible forms to convey how one’s thoughts can influence their actions. The colors blue and white were used to represent a depth and purity of this renewal.

The use of the black paper contributed to portraying the gloom surrounding the phrase, “no return to normalcy.” The absence of content in the background supplements the effect of the black color, evoking this foreboding sentiment. However, the stark contrast between the background and the subject highlights the significance of the message.

The subtle hints of color within the face against the white are to draw attention to the lingering vitality within the person. It also adds to the grit depicted alongside the facial expression. Despite adversity, by maintaining this vitality, one is able to gain focus and redirect their thoughts and energy.

Overall, this piece aims to call attention to individuals to be observant of themselves and others. This includes observing that the normal we once knew is not a landing destination for us to return to. Being mindful of our actions and privilege will allow us to move purposefully in our lives and in turn, impact others.


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